Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is anybody out there

Good morning from the forest

This week was great!  Got tons of work done, got the dining room blinds installed thanks to a friend/neighbor, had a lovely dinner for said friend/neighbor and was basically a busy girl all week.  Here are the blinds - my gosh they make an incredible difference in the temperature of the downstairs.  Somedays it was 80 in the house when it was 40 outside.  No heat on just the good ol sun coming in the windows.  They also finish off the space.  They are wood look verticals and I like them so much and Steve's Blinds . com that I'm going to order the same thing, I think, for the upstairs windows.

In other news, I sent my application and resume to the Mt. San Rafael Hospital Board of Directors applying for a vacancy on the board.  Although its not a paying position, it will be great experience, it will allow me to meet many business people in the community and it will be a step toward achieving my community service goal.  I think I'll have to interview with the board so we'll see what happens (oh dear what to wear! lol).  The president of the board along with one of the other board members have given me glowing recommendation so that good.  I'll keep you posted.

There were other business related opportunities this week which most of you who read this already know so I won't be redundant, I'll just say it is nice to have your abilities acknowledged and apparently there are few people here with Master's degrees. lol.  Who knew.

We watched the Westminster Dog Show this week.  Max was totally into it - he didn't like the Portuguese water dog's hair cut.  Just sayin...

A very interesting thing happened the other day.  When my friend/neighbor was over helping hang the blinds he commented on a box I have that was my adopted grandmother's.  I'd never paid much attention to it other than I liked it because it was unusual and because Granny put wheels on everything including this box.  So I opened it and found this metal tag!  How fun is this.  Trinidad Creamery Co.  Boy I have some research to do.

Thank you sister Deb for sharing my blog with your friend Connie.  I hope she enjoys it.  I would be great if when you get my blog on email if you could pop over to the website and comment on there.  Have you ever wondered why some peoples blog have advertisers and tons of people following?  Well its because of the comments.  The more people following you on the blogspot sight the more chance of advertisers paying you to advertise on your blog.  Now I'm certainly not expecting to get rich with this little hobby but it would be nice to know who is reading.  Also to those who are, please let me know if you want to see more pictures, recipes, stories, what would interest you and how may I entertain you? Please let me know you're out there...

Love and snow flurries,

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