Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A lovely day

Greetings from the forest

So what is your idea of a perfect day?  Mine is a day filled with giggles and smiles.  Sunshine and animals.  Good feelings and friends.

A week ago Monday was just such a day.  I went to see a horse property to list with Rick and was greeted by not only nice humans but also a sweet chocolate lab that brought me a stick to throw.  Yup I fell for that ploy, threw the stick a few times and when I said nope we're done she brought me a bigger stick!  By the time we were getting ready to leave the property sweet Cheyenne had brought me a log to throw.  Such an optimistic puppy dog.

That's a very big stick!
There were also 3 horses on the property.  Two wandered up to me so I said hello.  Then as I was standing there both of these horses started nuzzling the back of my neck and hair.  Holy moly.  I guess I attract horses too!  We all got quite the giggle.  I wanted to bring home one of the horses but Rick said I couldn't.  Thank you Rick.  I'm excited to list this property with Rick.  Its 70 acres of beautiful pastures surrounded by mountains and pines.  And, this is exciting, they have two gardens!

Our day continued to a beautiful property in a community called Eagles Landing.  At the top of the mountain is this incredible home with the most breathtaking view I've ever seen.  Steve, the owner was super nice and so gracious to show me their home.  I could have stayed all day just looking at the view. Pictures will not do it justice but I'll share...
Check out that view!

We had lunch at a cute little cafe in Stonewall and then headed back to Trinidad.  It was cloudy but we missed the rain.  Later I returned home to Oliver and Max who were happy to see me until of course they smelled the dogs and horses on me.  I'm such a traitor!

Now for the animal update -  last week about 9:30 pm Max started growling at the living room door.  I had the blinds down so he only had about a 6" area to peek through.  I thought maybe the toad was back and got up to look.  Thank goodness I now know better than to just walk out because there was a small bear looking at me through the glass.  Max began to bark and the little guy high tailed it out of there.  I think he was admiring (and planning to munch on) my sweet potato plant. No chance for a picture unfortunately.  My neighbors have said they've seen the lil guy around but no Mama.  Hope he's not all alone.  Just for the record, he hasn't been back.

Thats the news from the forest ....

Love and lil bear prints,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Snow please, ok maybe not

Greetings -

I know that this will be an unpopular statement but, I would like it to snow.  I'm sure there are those in Arizona where it is hotter that all get out that would also like a snow day.  Here's my logic, dysfunctional as it may be:
  • Weeds.  The weeds around here are as high as corn just before harvest.  The rain, which we love, is making the weeds a crop of their own.  Weed eating one day and the next they are back.  Oye.  Can't put a lot of weed killer down because it rains in the afternoon are washing it away.  Oh the drama of it!
  • Mosquitoes. Right now they are terrible.  I look like a pimple laden teenager.  I walk outside and they come from miles away I'm just sure of it.  I've started wearing that new popular fragrance - od du off.
Ok so those are really the only two reasons.  Guess that's not enough to grumble about nor to wish for snow.  The garden, after all, would suffer and its so happy right now.  There is going to be a lovely harvest of zucchini, yellow squash and eggplant.  The lettuce is wonderful, tender and tasty.  I even had a grape tomato on the vine yesterday but unfortunately it never made it out of the garden - why yes I did eat it! lol.

In other news, I've taken a couple of trips up Highway 12 and once over the Cordova Pass.  Its a rough ride with the rain having washed out the roads but it was fun and we got to see a herd of elk that included 3 babies.  They were all playing what seemed like a game of tag, running and jumping and bucking like horses.  The babies were just watching the female adults run around.  It was a sight to behold.  My picture isn't great because I had to take it with my phone but you'll get the idea. The views from the pass are breathtaking.

Top of Cordova Pass

From top of Cordova Pass

Highway 12

As always there is a feeling of peace in the forest.  The clean air, the crisp cool mornings, the quiet that I never seem to tire of.  The friends that have just found this blog, thank you for your compliments, you motivate me to continue to share my life even though you have played an extraordinary part of my being here and most likely know all the happenings I write about.

Love and a deep breath,