Friday, September 16, 2016

You live where?

Greetings from the Forest

If I had a nickel for every time someone said "you live where?" I'd have a big ol bag of nickels.  Most of the time this question comes from someone that is not from this area.  Like when I go back to Arizona to visit.  Having lived in the city all of my life it is even foreign to me at times that I now live where I do.  And it is an adventure, to say the least.  I now live on 35 acres, in the mountains, surrounded by ponderosa pines and lots of wild animals.   So how big is 35 acres?  Well in round numbers an acre it is 43,560 square feet.  A football field is about 48,000 square feet.  So I live on almost 35 football fields.  Good thing it's not grass that I have to mow!

I first came to Trinidad for work back in 2008.  I met so many wonderful people, saw the forest and decided to work towards making the move.  Fortunately in 2012 my job was ending in Arizona and thus the decision was made for me.  I had no idea the adventure I was embarking on, oh ignorance is bliss.  City girl moves to the forest.

The first thing I noticed was the silence in the forest.  Although at times I can hear the highway, if the wind is blowing just right, but most of the time I hear the birds chirping or one of my favorite sounds, the wind blowing through the trees or absolutely nothing.  Especially after it snows, the silence is peaceful.  I don't hear sirens, airplanes, traffic, neighbors and it is just blissful.  

Several years ago I was traveling with a dear friend from Sedona to Spokane.  We were in the middle of the Nevada desert and had pulled the U-haul truck over and she said come listen to this.  I stood there looking at her, thinking she was crazy because I didn't hear a thing, nothing, no traffic, no wind, no noise, nothing.  I said I don't hear anything and she said exactly!  Isn't is wonderful.  It took a minute for that to sink in, I'm a bit slow at times, but then I realized just how wonderful it was and to now live somewhere that I notice and appreciate the silence daily is just, well, amazing.  Thank you Gloria for pointing out the sound of silence.

The Nevada desert

Can you hear the silence

Recently Trinidad hosted the Artocade Parade and Cardango party.  It is the second largest, after Houston, art car festival in the United States.  Many amazing cars decorated in all kinds of fancy, wacky, crazy ways.  It happens the second weekend in September and is great fun.  I might mention there were 83 entries!

This car was made by the Trinidad Correctional Facility

This car won Most Creative by C. Wollard, Tulsa, OK

Even kids got in on it - this is Mihelich from Pueblo, CO
Ok last photo -

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Gallery in Town

Greetings from the Forest

Today's blog is about small town advantages and the excitement of a new business opening in Trinidad.

One big advantage is no traffic.  Trinidad, Colorado has 4 stop lights.  Yup 4.  I like getting stopped at the red light because it gives me an opportunity to look around and see who is in town to toot my horn and wave at.  The first time someone honked and waved because they knew me as I was walking down Main Street I got so darned excited.  Having lived in the big city for most of my life I really had no clue what small town living was like and was thrilled.  It's much like going to Walmart (our only stores for groceries besides Safeway) and seeing my general practitioner doctor in the frozen food section with his son.  That was a new experience.  Small town life at its best.

Trinidad used to be known as the sex change capital of the world but it no longer offers that surgery at the local hospital and hasn't for several years.  Working hard to change that stigma, Trinidad, in 2013, became a "Colorado Creative District".  Many local artists are world renowned and show they work in the local galleries along Main Street. 

Here is another great benefit to living in Trinidad, those earlier mentioned Galleries.  During the summer we experience Last Friday Art Trek.  This is where the Galleries along Main Street are open in the evening and you can wander into and out of them to enjoy the local talent.  Many of the specialty shops and restaurants are also open.  It is a lovely time to wander along, listen to live music being offered by local musicians set up on the sidewalk, and enjoy the people.

Now, I'm finally getting to the title of the New Gallery In Town -  I am excited because I know the artists opening Marketplace Gallery LLC.  Located at 149 East Main Street, Marketplace Gallery will offer a vast array of talent and artistic treasures.  From original paintings to specialized glad to pottery to furniture, it will be just a joy to walk in the doors!  The grand opening will be Thursday, September 22nd from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  If you live in the area please stop by and get to know the ladies behind the artistic venture.

There are tons of other reasons I find living in a small town a positive experience but I'll save those for another day.

So for now, that's it from the forest except for Max and Ollie -

Bidding you a lovely day!