Sunday, February 10, 2013

Its going to snow!

The weather forecast is for snow several days this coming week.  I'm glad.  Our forest is so dry and we need the moisture.  Last week it snowed one night but it wasn't much.  So I'm looking forward to snow days this week!!

It was a busy week, as always.  A bit quiet with Austin in Hawaii visiting family.  I had lunch with friends one day and yesterday was the Women's Group meeting.  I took the snacks which consisted of mini-quiches, fruit kabobs, salami/olive kabobs and a bundt cake.  Everything turned out good but I thought the fruit was especially picture worthy.

I took a quick trip to Pueblo on Thursday and picked up my window blinds for my french doors.  I love them.  Did a Sam's run (yes I miss Costco) and then returned home in record breaking time.  As I was turning the corner on my road I saw the deer family sans the daddy.  There were 2 does and 2 babies.  Stopped in the middle of the road, you can do that on the ranch, and took a couple of pictures.

The big news for the week is that we've narrowed down the move date for sister Deb to relocate to Colorado.  I will be coming to get her and her haul truck in March.  The current plan is for me to arrive on the 13th, work at the office the 14th and 15th and the movers will load her truck the 16th and we'll hit the road.  Deb is moving into the Cokedale house and I think she'll love it.  Its such an eclectic community with nice people, some retired, some working.  She will be able to get a little dog, have room for her sewing and I am hoping she'll be happy there.

Well thats about it for this week.  I'll leave you with one photo of Max after his run in the woods which obviously takes a lot out of you!

Love and smiles,

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