Monday, July 29, 2013

The tale of the evil toad

A few months ago a toad (or two) would show up on my patio at dusk to eat bugs.  The bugs were plentiful because of the outside automatic lights.  So I didn't complain too much until it became a nightly thing and really, I live in the forest so shouldn't complain at all until .... (cue scary music) one night on my rounds to make sure there was no toad on the patio before the boys went out for their last potty before bed,  I missed the evil one hiding behind a vase by the front door.  Max found it.  Tried to kiss it? And then began foaming at the mouth, shaking his head violently and pawing at his face.  Freaking out I called a friend and (thank you Sue Downs) she told me to wash his mouth out (Max not the toad) with a spray bottle of water.  I wrestled with Max for some time and he calmed down a bit but it was not only scary but a close call since I have determined the toad to be a poisonous Rocky Mountain toad.  How big is this toad you ask - its about the size of a large orange!  Not a cute little run of the mill toad, nope, its a toad on steroids! The toad could have killed Max.  Not good! Evil toad!
The evil toad 
The sad thing is even after the drama with the nasty tasting poison toad Max waits every  night by the door for the toads return.  Poor Max .....

The past few nights I have tried to scoop the toad up with a shovel in an effort to launch him down the canyon into the forest (so I didn't kill him because quite honestly I don't like the thought of toad goo).  The shovel attempt hasn't worked.  All that resulted is he hopped away through the fence and into the grass while ooozing poison goo on the patio.  I am not so dumb to chase this little bugger through the weeds/grass at night so the battle continues.

This morning was the last straw.  What I thought was fox poop on the patio was, in fact, toad turds!  (Yes I am from the city and did not connect the dots in the forest.)  Thats it, I'm done.  Not only does this evil toad try to hurt Max but then he's pooping on the patio.  Oh no, not going to put up with that.  I didn't complain about the snake on the patio the other night after a downpour but I'm complaining about the toad!  I know, you're dying to know how I know it's toad poop.  Well guess what, you can find absolutely anything and everything on you tube.  Yes, I did find a video of a toad pooping.  Gross but true.

So this story is to be continued as the battle with the toad is not over.  I will, of course, keep you posted.

Love and toad turds (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist)


Monday, July 15, 2013

The smell of damp pines

Greetings from the forest

Today I am writing from the cool damp forest.  We had an entire night of rain!  Praise God.  And it was so cool.  I had the window upstairs in the bedroom open and I would wake up and hear the rain.  Nothing better than that.  Then once up and outside this morning, the smell of damp pine trees was wonderful.  I think its the way the forest says thank you for the moisture.  And the garden, well, my goodness is it ever happy today.

This afternoon after last nights rain looking east towards Fishers Peak

Last weeks fires - 2 of them

Does this need a caption?  It's a mountain dog!

In search of deer poop.  Gross but true.

Happy Garden

The nearby fire is out (thank you fire fighters), my clothes are again unpacked (we were ready for evacuation), we got some much needed and appreciated moisture so really there is little else to is good.

Love and Happy Monday,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Its Raining, Its Pouring!!

Good Monday -

I'm getting ready to head into town for a doctors appointment and its raining like crazy!!!  And its hailing.  Oh we need this moisture so bad and I'm happy to see the rain.  Oliver, however, doesn't like it.  Max loves the hail, ice cubes from heaven, almost as exciting a the giant toad on our patio last night.  Oh boy.

Last time I wrote I didn't share with you a day trip sister Deb and I went on a couple of weeks ago.  We headed to Cuchara up highway 12 which is just a lovely drive past Monument Lake, North Lake and over the Cuchara pass.  I'd seen the turn off to Blue Lake and Bear Lake but never took the time to drive back into the mountain to see it.  Well this time we did and what a gift.  Absolutely gorgeous area.  Blue Lake is very small but there were quite a few people fishing from the shore.  Not big enough for boats.  We couldn't find a parking place at Bear Lake and didn't want to get caught not paying the daily fee even if we were just lookie loos and not fishing.  We then headed to the Dog Bar and had a great lunch of fish and chips!  Yummy!  Here are some photos of the area -

So did you know that amongst the ponderosa pines, the pinion and oak brush are cacti?  Here are a couple that are in bloom right now.  Odd right!  But pretty.

Knock on wood the garden is doing well.  Here is the first harvest.  Don't get too excited, this strawberry is just a bit bigger than a pea. lol.  But hey, its red and it tasted good.  But most important is that I got it before any animals did.

Did I mention that the forest smells so nice after it rains.  Like a pine scented candle.  Fresh and crisp.  Love that smell.

Well this sums it up for this week...

Love and raindrops,