Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve

If someone would have told me last new years eve that 2012 would be full of change, wonder and excitement I would have laughed.  I never, for one minute, thought I would see the end of a long term management job, find a renter for my house in Scottsdale and then move to Colorado to realize my dream. Not to mention my dear friend Austin moving here too. But here I am sitting at my desk watching it snow!

Life has barely slowed down over the last week in my efforts to get unpacked, set up and ready to start the new year with enthusiasm, motivation, and a warm sweater!  Realizing that I am combining two households into one makes for organizational challenges and begs the question, what am I going to do with all these kitchen utensils!!  But, as the boxes get unpacked a new donation box gets filled.

My garage door should arrive and be installed by next weekend which will turn the guest room/storage room back into a guest room.  I wonder whats in all those boxes marked "garage".  Well I'll find out in the spring when its warmer outside and looking though them will be more fun and work.

The dogs are doing great.  I've let them both off leash to run in their forest and they both come back when called.  Of course thats without any distractions like deer or squirrel, but I'm happy for the small step, especially with Oliver.  It makes my heart smile to see them run and run and run. And they love the snow!

May your New Year be filled with all that makes you happy along with good health, of course.

Love and Cheers!

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  1. That's what we all need, change! Good to mix it up and try new things! Here's to exciting and uncharted adventures ahead. <3