Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning in the forest

Its Christmas morning and its snowing!  Oh what a lovely gift - a white Christmas.

The final moving trek was uneventful.  Albeit tiring for poor Oliver who sat the whole trip but then crashed on his couch when we got home.

Upon arrival we had no heat because we had no propane.  Who knew!  I was on the delivery list with the gas company but they never filled the tank.  Well they filled it Monday to the tune of $724!  Merry Christmas from Al's Gas. lol.  I have heat downstairs but not upstairs.  Don't know why and we'll suffer through until the end of the week when I can get some help.

Went to Austin's house yesterday morning with Max and Oliver for cinnamon rolls.  It was a fun time.  Max and Ollie ran in the forest by Austin's house and made us both smile.  Austin's house looks so nice!

Christmas eve was wonderful.  We were invited to Marilyn, Sue and Deb's house.  Marilyn had come up with the idea to cook Italian so that I wouldn't miss having my traditional Italian Christmas dinner.  She and her sister, Tammy, along with the rest helped and it was a lovely dinner.  Not only yummy but so thoughtful.  I am blessed to have such good friends.

Today Austin and I are going to Francie's house in town for dinner.  Its still snowing so not sure how comfortable I am leaving the dogs.  I need to make sure we can get back home!  I guess this is one of those "living in the forest" situations.

Well I'm off to make Christmas breakfast casserole as Austin is coming over for mimosas and breakfast.  From my house to yours may you have a very Merry Christmas.

Love and a snowflake,

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  1. Spending christmas with you and our other friends here made it special. A white christmas was an amazing welcome to our new lives.