Friday, January 4, 2013

Two Weeks. Really?

Isn't it interesting the way time passes.  Sometimes I feel as though I've been here, in my Colorado home, forever.  And then there are times it seems like only days.  But, in all reality as of tomorrow will be two weeks.  That's all.  Two weeks.  Well heck to Betsy no wonder I'm not all unpacked and put away, its only been two weeks!  A lot has happened in two weeks, we had Christmas, New Years, two trips to the chiropractor, rock delivered for part of the drive, a garage door delivery, real estate classes ordered and today the mower arrived.  Whew.  And then there is work, yes work.  (Lynne please let Art know I am, in fact, working. lol)  Month end, year end, the work never stops which is really a good thing.

Here is the garage door (inside the garage) and mower is on the left -

The rock on 1/4 of the driveway - need more rock!

Today was a highlight though with the mower delivery.  My friend and neighbor agreed to help me with his pick up truck meet the semi truck driver and bring my mower (365 pounds) to my house.  The semi wouldn't come up the roads.  Too snowy and icy.  When we arrived back here (note to self to wear boots when its 27 degrees outside and not tennis shoes) and while we were unloading I noticed not 50 feet from me were 8 deer.  I think it was 4 doe and 4 fawns.  Just watching and munching.  Not one bit scared but rather quite curious as to what we were doing.  At one point I stepped away from the garage area (to stand in the sunshine) and the one doe followed me and got within 20 feet.  I was just talking at her and she was such a nosey little thing.  I hadn't seen any animals on my land since I've been here so it made me very happy!

So its been a busy two weeks and each day is not only an adventure but also a gift.  Lets see what the next week brings -

Love from the forest,

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