Friday, December 7, 2012

The Countdown Begins - 14 Days

So I bought my house in Colorado a couple of years ago having visited and worked in Trinidad on a project and planned to move there permanently when I retired.  I fell in love with the people and the community. Yes I found my forever house but I'd have to wait some 10+ years to get there.  Located on 35 acres, my two bedroom, two bath with an office house is just perfect for me and in a location surrounded by forest, loaded with deer, elk, bears and the cleanest air I've ever breathed.

Having grown up and lived in Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona, the city has become so big, polluted, and crowded.  With my job pairing down this year, it seemed time for a change.  Having cared for elderly parents and stayed due to health issues (I am a cancer survivor) and family dynamics the decision came easily yet had its challenges.

I have worked for the same man for 23 years.  We have become a team, a partnership and friends.  I will miss the daily interaction but am lucky enough to continue to work from a distance for him and who knows what the future will bring.  I may be back in Arizona for work more than I think.  Which, by the way, is ok with me.  I need to make a living and retirement is a few years away.

On top of being blessed with the opportunity and the planets aligning is the gift of my dearest friend deciding to move to the same community.  Austin also found a home like it was meant to be.  Also on 35 acres he is moving with me.  I am tickled to have him with me on this new adventure. You can share his journey at -

We have already moved our belongings and are on the downhill slide with the move date of 12/22 looming.  We will load up our respective vehicles, mine with my 2 dogs, Max and Oliver, and Austin with much of my stuff that won't fit in my car because of the dogs. (giggle).  Our adventure will begin - Christmas in the pines and a New Year filled with the unknown and great expectations.

So thats it in a nutshell.  Now about this blog - I plan to share this lovely, exciting, amazing experience with anyone who wants to be a part of the journey.  Through my eyes you will see the life in pines, the animals, the fun of cooking for friends and the blessing of working.

I hope you will enjoy the adventure and look forward to sharing it with you.

Love and a pinecone!


  1. Oh Lanae,

    I love you and I love this post. From when I first met you [in person] at Sky Harbor, Thanksgiving time 2009, never in a million lifetimes could I have imagined where our mutual paths would lead. I'm so happy that your forever home is going to happen sooner than originally thought. It is your magic in the forest, and it makes you happy. I'm honored that we will be sharing the next steps/phases of our lives together in the way they are. I look forward to our happiness on the hill.

  2. Lovely! I can't wait for some snow pics!