Saturday, December 15, 2012

One week yes only 7 days, but who's counting...

This time next week we will be on the road.  Ollie in the passenger seat, sitting (he never lays down the whole 10 1/2 hours!) and Max in the back seat.  Austin in his jeep either in front of us or in the rear view mirror.  The house here in Scottsdale will be as clean as its going to be and the gift bottle of wine for the renters on the kitchen counter welcoming them to their new home and I will be filled with a multitude of emotions.

Leaving behind sister Deb, if only for a few months and sister Linda who will still be happily living in Prescott.  The friends I've had for years but will continue to have because that is how it is with lifelong friends, it doesn't matter where you live, you'll always stay in touch and you'll always be friends.  I know I'll be returning soon for a visit but it will be hard to drive away. Lots and lots of memories here. But, then there is that other side of the gamut, the happy and excited side (deep sigh).  A new adventure about to begin.  The forest awaits ...

Yup, its only 7 days and this time next week we'll be on the road.  Stay tuned.....

Love and a tear


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  1. What was once an "in the future" idea/dream is now 7 days away. Friendships that were true friendships will remain, and they'll be your own personal cheerleaders.

    I'm happy that i'll be right there alongside you during all of it. Here's to the forest! <3