Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is in the air

Greetings from the Forest

Last Friday spring officially arrived.  Just the anticipation of getting the garden ready made me giddy.  I started my seeds about 2 weeks ago and now I'm replanting and thinning my little plant cups.    My windowsill looks like a miniature garden.  Plus I'm growing celery.  My friend Ann sent me a link and I thought what the heck I'll try it.  Now I'm growing celery on the windowsill!!  Soon Ann will come over for a bloody mary with home grown celery.

My silly limes trees and the harvest!
Bloody Mary Celery

The animals have been out in full force.  Not a day goes by now that I don't see deer.  We went though a few weeks that they were hiding but now they're out and about.  Elk, turkey galore, deer and bunny are just the perfect sign that spring is really in the air.  Blue jays and robins are flitting around.
Turkey crossing

Well Hello
And then yesterday happened.  Snow!!  Yup the sky darkened, the wind blew and it snowed like crazy for about half the day.  I guess we got about 3-4 inches in our forest.  Of course today it is all melting, watering our precious trees, making our roads a slippery mess.  I do know that I shouldn't plant my garden outside until Memorial Day but boy that seems far away.  I wonder if we'll get more snow before then.

Beggin for ice cubes

Having lived in a place most of my life that didn't have change of seasons, I so appreciate when the cold and brown turns to bright green and warm.  The trees bud anew and the anticipation of growing a garden adds a special feeling to the air.  This year the garden will be protected from Mr. Bunny who will not be able to get in and munch.  The next time I blog be prepared to be wowed.  Ok, maybe not wowed but I'll be sharing photos of the garden and hopefully my little garden shed will be picture worthy by then.

In the meantime, happy spring from the forest!!


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  1. I love the the celery. I want to grow some like that!