Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lets catch up

Greetings from the forest

I can't believe its been almost a year since I've written!  Have you missed me?  I've missed you.  So much has happened in the last year so lets catch up...

Work.  I am no longer a partner in Scenic West Properties.  Too long of a story for here but lets just say the parting was for the best.  I am now out on my own with a company I named Red Bear Real Estate.  It is still in its infancy and just getting going but I'm hoping to be busy but not too busy.  Working seven days a week became just too much.  I am still working for the Arizona group and just about to finish my year end to do list.  Whew.  I'm excited for the new company and could use the referrals so please don't hesitate to give out my name and number.

My sister Deb.  We moved Deb into town last June in hopes she would feel safer and do better.  While she loved living across from the Senior Center and her daily lunch there the problems she was having before the move sadly continued.  As a result we saw a new primary care doctor who referred us to a neurologist in Pueblo.  Since then we have received a diagnosis and many changes have occurred.  Deb now lives at the assisted living facility here in Trinidad and absolutely loves it.  She has a cute little room, gets 3 meals a day, they clean her room, they do her laundry - what's not to love.  They have activities and she's made friends.  Most importantly she feels safe and although not able to live independently any longer she is happy in her new environment.  I'm not terribly comfortable putting her diagnosis out there so if you'd like to email me for more information I'd be happy to communicate with you as I know a couple of Deb's friends read this blog.

My sister Linda.  Linda is now a single gal living in her new home in Prescott Valley.  She just recently moved in and loves it there.  She spent 6 months in Glendale waiting on her house and I know she won't miss the heat of the valley!

My niece Kelly and her boys.  Still living in San Diego and happy as clams.  The boys have grown into handsome young men.  Hard to believe they are teenagers!!  How time flies.  So there you have the family update.

My boys.  Max and Oliver are just fine.  Still loving their forest and right now the snow.  Although, Max likes it more than Ollie.  When we've had a lot of snow its difficult for Ollie because he is little but he's a trooper.  Funny that Oliver will not go out in the rain but will go out in the snow.  Right around thanksgiving we had a lot of snow, like 24+ inches.  I went out with the boys to take a walk and because of the drifts couldn't hardly walk in it.  Then I turned around and Oliver had fallen into one of the foot holes and was gone.  I fished him out, he had his leash on, and we went inside the house to warm up and have hot chocolate.  So much for hiking in the snow.  Max of course had no problem and wanted to keep going.

The forest is still just an amazing place to live.  Deer stop by my property on a weekly basis.  I think they have a route they take and its always just fascinating to me when I drive by and see them they just look at me.  Don't really run, just kind of stop munching on grass to look up to see who it is.  I wonder if they recognize me. lol. And of course during the summer there is the occasional pretty cow!

The turkeys are plentiful.  In fact some days there are like 25 in a group and I just love watching them.  Sometimes they run across the road and sometimes they run back and forth not knowing which way to run.  Makes me smile every time.  So what are a group of turkey?  A herd, a gaggle, a flock?  I go with group just to be politically correct.

The bears should be sleeping but when visiting my neighbor last week we saw bear tracks in the snow.  Then I saw something on the internet that some male bears never hibernate in the winter.  I haven't seen any since the fall and really only saw a few bears last year.  Maybe there will be more this spring.

So that's the update for now.  I promise not to wait a year to write again!

With love from the forest,


  1. Its a rafter of turkeys. I am glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying yourself. How is your health? I hope you are well. I would love to live in the woods. We also moved to a more rural area but its still semi suburban - I just want the damn deer to stay out of my garden this summer. I have a new email which is my name @gmail if you want to be in touch.

  2. Love where you live.. and you! xo deb

  3. Poor Ollie. Glad he had a leash. Poor little guy, white as the snow, could have been lost. Otherwise sounds idyllic. Too cold for me, though.