Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring is in the air

Greetings from the forest

Spring has sprung and the weeds are growing!  In the last few weeks we had sloppy wet snow and some rain so the forest is very happy.  The weeds are flourishing.  The animals now have lots of grass and vegetation to munch on.  It's a happy place, the forest in the spring, but we could use more moisture, of course.

Max on May 1st - yes it was snowing

I've been told by several people that the bears are out.  My neighbor said he had a big ol bear on his deck the other night.  A little to adventurous for my liking but honestly they're hungry and looking for food anywhere!  I'm am sure my time is coming and I'll see a bear very soon.  I hope to heck I have my phone handy so I can take a picture to share.  It was recently turkey mating season.  Lots of gobbling and the male turkey strutting their stuff.

Isn't she just cute!
Tom strutting his stuff
A couple of weeks ago I went to Arizona for my 6 month doc/chemo visit and to empty my Arizona office.  It was sad, I've had an office for 26 years and now I don't.  Its ok though because I still do work from Colorado, which is a good thing because the real estate business is not going to make me rich!  Its very slow.  I'm hoping as we get further into May and June we'll have more people wanting to come here and make this gorgeous place their home!

While in Arizona I stayed with my dear friend Diane who is always so hospitable!  I got to see others like Art and Lynne Powell, Lindy and Zuez who will soon be moving to Cottonwood! Adam and Nancy who I hadn't seen in ages and I got to catch up with Julie.  I then popped up to Prescott Valley to my sister Linda and her husband's house.  It was a whirlwind of a trip, whats new?  I was glad to get home to see the pups and sister Deb was ready to go to her own home!

Sometimes you must bask in the sun!

I've been told the last frost of the season will be Mother's Day and not to plant before that.  I've checked the forecast and it looks like its clear sailing so on Mother's Day weekend I will plant my garden!!  I cleaned it out the other day and its ready to go.  Here is a picture of all the plants ready to go.  Thanks to my sweet friend Lanette for giving me a ton of seeds I will have a gorgeous garden!  Next blog I'll tell you all that is planted and share a photo of the garden in its glory.

So life if the forest has been great!  I am grateful for the peace, the clean air, the great friends.  I hope you are all well.  Thanks again for letting my share - another day in the forest.

Love and May flowers!

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