Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's almost spring

Greetings from the Forest

As the title says, it's almost spring but not quite yet.  While the days have gotten warm and sunny, it is said that April is a very snowy month in these parts.  It's hard to believe when its 69 degrees outside but I have to trust the weather gurus. Our forest is so very dry, as many places are, so if it does snow I won't complain.  That said, I must say I want to plant my garden so very bad.  I've started seeds and have more to plant to get going but the packages say to sow 4-6 weeks before planting.  Is that long enough that there will be no threat of snow?  No freezing?  I wish I knew for sure but I'm so excited that I think I'll plant the seeds and hope that May is warm and has no more freezes.

Life has been busy, as always.  Let it be said that real estate is not easy and you must work hard.  I always thought it would be cool because you could make your own hours.  Well let me tell you, if  you want to eat (sell houses or land) you have to bust your butt.  So far this year I've listed several properties, which I'm very proud of, but sold nothing.  I am trying to cut myself some slack as its been winter and not very busy.  I'm hoping now that spring has sprung, in some parts of the country, the traffic will increase.  One can only hope.

Over the last month I've had some mitigation done on my property.  There is a matching grant and so I took advantage of it.  I have to say it makes a big difference and the forest seems very happy now.

The east side before mitigation
The east side after mitigation

The weather, as I said, has been warm and windy of late.  A few weeks ago we had a great wet snow and I thought for sure I would be able to use my new plow.  But sadly by noon the snow was melting so fast that I never got to use it.  Maybe in April -

It's turkey mating season.  The male turkey get all fancy with their feathers trying to impress the ladies.  This is a bit of a blurry picture but you can see this guy's tail feathers all fanned out and he was strutting.  Hope he got lucky!

This little deer was just watching me as I drove slowly by as if to say "what are you looking at?"

And of course, in closing, it would not be a blog from my forest with the boys -

See the blurry tail, its wagging!

Love and spring time breezes,

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