Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Babble

Good morning from the soggy forest -

Remember a few months ago we were praying for rain?  Ok, just for the record, Boulder and cities south have had enough.  It can stop now.  Although around here we've had a lot, the forest could still use a shower or two.  No complaints from me or the weeds.

This last week has been great.  Busy.  I made a tomato pie for some friends who shared a ton of tomatoes with me because they had to leave town for a family emergency.  I made the pie on the day of their return and they said it was great.  I can't wait to make another just to try it myself.  I have to say it did turn out pretty.

Also on the food front I made a great corn, zucchini and tomato salad with a cilantro dressing.  It was really good with chicken and then for a couple of days I just added it to my green salad.  Yummo.

On Saturday sister Deb and I went to the Artocade.  It is a parade where people decorate their cars.  It was really fun.  Very small town USA.  There were over 50 cars in the parade so obviously its pretty popular.  Here are some photos -

All up and down Main Steet
Don't you love this one!!
So cute.

Super creative and it made dinosaur noises

This van was from the local animal shelter, Noah's Ark.  There were several people following the van with dogs on leashes.  One little girl had a puppy on a leash and it kept stopping.  It looked like a black lab puppy and it was tired and just wasn't walking anymore.  She'd stop pick it up walk for a few steps and set it down.  The puppy wouldn't move so she'd pick it up and go a few more steps.  It was so cute.

Ok, I know this might be silly but - isn't this a pretty cow?  Look at her hide.  Who knew cows could be pretty, well that's a bit of an exaggeration but if there was a Miss Cow America beauty contest this gal would win!

Moving on to work babble, its been very busy.  Last Saturday I spent several hours taking clients around to see houses.  Are you sitting down?  They made an offer and it was accepted!  Yippie.

I believe I've babbled enough.  I'm wishing you a great week.  Take care -

Love and cow prints,

You thought I forgot - :-)
The boys are waiting for you....