Friday, September 6, 2013

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Greetings from the forest

The weather of late has been a tad warm but who's complaining?  Certainly not me when I see the 108-110 in Arizona!  It cools down at night here and that makes the warm days so much more bearable.

There were turkeys in the driveway this morning.  Turkeys are a sign of a gift according to Indian Medicine, much like a beautiful sunset.  No, the dogs did not go out to see them.

We also had cows the other day, several that kept coming back, I must have yummy grass?  In the morning, the cows first visit, I let the dogs out on the deck and they barked their fool heads off.  My neighbor texted me to see if those were my "dogs making that noise".  Well of course!  They're city dogs trying to herd cows from the confines of a deck. lol.  Later that day I looked out the living room door and there was a giant cow right there by the fence by the door.  I'm serious, she was huge.  I've never seen a cow that big.  And just for the record she was quite pretty, a lovely taupe color. I got out the door without the dogs (a feat in itself) and shoo'd her away.  She wasn't happy with me.  She stopped and moo'd at me and I'm sure translated she was calling me a - well you know! lol.  I looked across the drive and there were a bunch more, several even laying down taking a break.  Oye.  So I moved them along. I'm sure they too were calling me bad names. Seriously, weed eating and fertilizing at the same time.  And just for the record, they need to do a better job at weed eating and a little less fertilizing!

Nice Earrings - no I didn't tell her they didn't match

What do you mean mooooooove

I heard you call me that name

This morning on my way out - a traffic jam of sorts -

And another one - my gosh I need to leave earlier -

Yesterday morning there were a group of deer in the yard just outside the fence.  Fortunately I saw them from upstairs before letting Max and Ollie out.  I went out and shoo'd them away too.  They were about as obedient as the darn cows.  Just stood there looking at me.  Perhaps I have no authority in the animal world?  Anyway, finally they moved on and the boys got to go outside.  No pictures of these young bucks but next time, I promise.

Can't have a blog from me without -

So as you can tell, it was just a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Love and cow pies (oh you know I had to),


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