Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Its Raining, Its Pouring!!

Good Monday -

I'm getting ready to head into town for a doctors appointment and its raining like crazy!!!  And its hailing.  Oh we need this moisture so bad and I'm happy to see the rain.  Oliver, however, doesn't like it.  Max loves the hail, ice cubes from heaven, almost as exciting a the giant toad on our patio last night.  Oh boy.

Last time I wrote I didn't share with you a day trip sister Deb and I went on a couple of weeks ago.  We headed to Cuchara up highway 12 which is just a lovely drive past Monument Lake, North Lake and over the Cuchara pass.  I'd seen the turn off to Blue Lake and Bear Lake but never took the time to drive back into the mountain to see it.  Well this time we did and what a gift.  Absolutely gorgeous area.  Blue Lake is very small but there were quite a few people fishing from the shore.  Not big enough for boats.  We couldn't find a parking place at Bear Lake and didn't want to get caught not paying the daily fee even if we were just lookie loos and not fishing.  We then headed to the Dog Bar and had a great lunch of fish and chips!  Yummy!  Here are some photos of the area -

So did you know that amongst the ponderosa pines, the pinion and oak brush are cacti?  Here are a couple that are in bloom right now.  Odd right!  But pretty.

Knock on wood the garden is doing well.  Here is the first harvest.  Don't get too excited, this strawberry is just a bit bigger than a pea. lol.  But hey, its red and it tasted good.  But most important is that I got it before any animals did.

Did I mention that the forest smells so nice after it rains.  Like a pine scented candle.  Fresh and crisp.  Love that smell.

Well this sums it up for this week...

Love and raindrops,

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  1. How exciting on the strawberry!!!! I'm glad to hear you guys are finally getting rain. I love that drive - Dad and I did the same drive in May - gorgeous!