Monday, June 24, 2013

A little bit of rain

Greetings from the forest

Its been a sad week with all the fires and especially those in Colorado Springs.  Just a year after the Waldo Canyon fire the Black Forest fire occurred.  I believe many are back home now, if they have homes.  Some 510+ houses burned.  Isn't that just sad.  Whats scary is the new fire that is about 30 miles from me.  The important papers are packed, a few clothes and toiletries.  If the wind changes direction or another fire pops up we are as ready as we could be.

We have had a couple of days of rain in the forecast.  Last week we got a bit of rain.  We'll take it, even one drop at a time.  The days nice in the 80-90's and the evenings are cool, windy and there is a storm rolling in as I hear thunder.  Hate that part - the lightening for obvious fire reasons and the thunder, which means there was lightening.

I talked with a friend the other day who was commenting on all the changes in my life over the last few years and my accomplishments.  I don't look at accomplishments really but I do look at the blessings.  I have to say that when I wake up every morning and look out my window I am grateful to be here.  I remember a year or so ago when I would be here visiting the forest, I would wake up, look out and wish (and pray) that I could do it every day.  And here I am.  Living that dream and feeling very blessed and very grateful.

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Ok this weeks animal sightings included a few deer, turkey and this beautiful cow elk.  Can't beat the daily animal adventures.  I saw another Momma bear and two cubs but they scurried up the mountain before I could get a picture.  Sorry.

There is one more bit of news and its pretty darned big.  I took the state real estate test last Thursday and passed!  Yup passed.  Praise the Lord.  I'm going to be working part time at Scenic West Properties with Rick and Carolynn Johnson and I must say I am very excited.  The market here is not good and I'm not going to make millions, just I am hoping help people find a new home and make a few bucks.  I will happily be continuing to work part time for the companies in Arizona.

So thats it from the forest-

Love and blessings,

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