Monday, July 15, 2013

The smell of damp pines

Greetings from the forest

Today I am writing from the cool damp forest.  We had an entire night of rain!  Praise God.  And it was so cool.  I had the window upstairs in the bedroom open and I would wake up and hear the rain.  Nothing better than that.  Then once up and outside this morning, the smell of damp pine trees was wonderful.  I think its the way the forest says thank you for the moisture.  And the garden, well, my goodness is it ever happy today.

This afternoon after last nights rain looking east towards Fishers Peak

Last weeks fires - 2 of them

Does this need a caption?  It's a mountain dog!

In search of deer poop.  Gross but true.

Happy Garden

The nearby fire is out (thank you fire fighters), my clothes are again unpacked (we were ready for evacuation), we got some much needed and appreciated moisture so really there is little else to is good.

Love and Happy Monday,

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