Friday, September 12, 2014

It's September already!

Greetings from the forest

Can you believe it is September already.  Christmas is just 15 or so weeks away.  Seriously!  The mornings are now crisp and you can almost feel the leaves starting to change color.  Pretty soon we'll be in a sea of orange, yellow and rust colors and I can't wait.  Unpack the sweaters because in Colorado you really do need them.

This morning it is 36 degrees in Trinidad.  The air is clean and clear.  The clouds are low so you can't see across the canyon.  Today's high is to be around 50 but tomorrow will be 80.  Yup, that's Colorado.

Having never really experienced the change of seasons, well I guess summer to winter (for what it was worth) in Phoenix was a change.  Air conditioning off, air conditioning on.  Anyway, I love watching the change from summer to fall and then to winter here in the forest.  The first snow will chase away the bugs (mosquitoes) and I'm looking forward to that!  Soon the holidays will be upon us and I for one am happy that my pal Austin is close enough (what - 15 minutes?) to celebrate with us.  It'll be fun and festive.  But seriously that is another blog isn't it?
Isn't this a pretty little cow?

Ok, moving on from the weather and holidays, life has been great!  I'm about to change doctors and will be going to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Pueblo.  An hour and 15 minutes compared to a 10.5 hour drive to Arizona.  It's been a really touch decision to change oncologists but one that had to happen eventually.  So, I'll keep you posted.

Work has been busy.  A couple of closings and a handful of showings which will soon result in closings so no complaints here.  Listing houses and land like crazy.  Must be something in the air.

Made refrigerator pickles.

My sister Linda arrives today.  She called me yesterday to tell me she was coming. LOL.  I'm happy she'll be here for a few days.  I've missed her.

Max is so handsome after his grooming!

Oliver showing off his new hair cut

Traffic on the morning commute

Drove through McDonalds for a soda and saw this!!

No other news from here.  Thanks for letting me share another day in the forest with you.

Love and chilly mornings!

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