Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heading Home

Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri

Its been a few weeks since I've written and I think that's a barometer of how busy life has been.  It's all good, just busy.

I have been in KC since last weekend at a United Country Real Estate class.  It was, without a doubt, incredible!  So much to learn, so many new things being offered to the agents and franchise owners. We were in class for 5 days from 8 am to sometimes 8 pm.  I'd get back to my room and felt I needed to remove the sponge (my brain), wring it out of all that it absorbed during the day and then pop it back in ready for the next day.  I am ready to get home and get started using some of the tools I've been taught to help list and sell real estate!!

View from my hotel window this morning
I had the fabulous opportunity to see my dear friend Stacia.  She drove up from the Springfield area to see me after my class ended Friday.  We drank wine, laughed and caught up on 7 years of happenings.  Yes we stayed up way too late and just had such a great time.  Isn't it interesting that you go through life and you don't talk to someone for years, because life got in the way, and when you see them it is like you were together just yesterday.  That is, to me, a great friend.  Thank you Stacia for showing me just why you have been such a special part of my life.

I board the train back to Trinidad tonight.  Will ride all night to get home to my sister, the pups and my forest.  It will be good to get home, back to my own bed, back to my routine, cook my own food (!), and get to work.

I think I've missed them as much as they've missed me

I will do my best not to wait a month to catch you up on the happenings in the forest.

Love and toot toot of the train,

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