Monday, May 13, 2013

Crazy Week Ahead

Good morning from the forest

It was a great week last week and the weekend was so fun.  Every time I went to town I saw deer or turkey -  apparently right now is turkey mating season (I'm sure it has a technical name but I don't know it).  The point is the males are really pretty with their feathers all puffed out trying to impress the ladies.

Ahhhhh! She's pretty.

Crazy that I got them both mid-jump up the hill

This girl is sad - she needs some pasta - ok some good  greens!
I'm going to jump right to the weekend.  Saturday I went to the Women's Group meeting - our last one before the community picnic on the 25th.  It was a busy planning meeting.

After the meeting I stopped by my friend Marilyn's house and her sister Deb (also my pal) was in town from Denver.  They had been out riding ATV's and I was whining that I didn't get to go so later in the day I met them and we went riding.  What a fun thing that is to do!!  Buzzing along with the wind in your hair, deer looking at you like - what the heck - and giggles.  There was a dare, so to speak to try a rather steep trail but I chickened out - next time Marilyn!!

The girls came over after our ride for "bear hunting" and happy hour then dinner.  We had a quick happy hour on the new deck then jumped in Debbie's car to go see if we could find a bear.  No bear but a plethora of elk.  Probably saw about 50.  The males were so stately with their antlers and it was a majestic sight.  I'm waiting for Marilyn to send me photos as I forgot (duh) my phone/camera.  What a great time we had.

Sunday my new bed arrived.  Its going to take a night or two for my back to adjust but I'm hoping the cushy smooshy mattress will do the trick!  

Sister Deb came over on Sundy and helped me with the doggie deck.  Put the vinyl down, with astro-turf on top.  There is a doggie door out to the balcony so I'm hoping once the plastic pee plant is put out there that the boys will use it if needed.  It will mean a bit of freedom for me so I'm crossing my fingers.

We (Deb and I) went to Carol's house to get eggs and got quite the education on chickens.  Amazing that she has named them all and says they all have their own personalities.  Did you know chickens take dirt baths?  She has this area full of rich dark dirt and the chickens were rolling around like little dogs in the dirt.  Apparently the dirt cleans their feathers.  Who knew. It was so fun - always like an awesome educational field trip to go get eggs at Carol's.  Not to mention fresh eggs are sooooooo good!

This is a traffic jam!

So, this was just Saturday and Sunday! lol.  Monday is training for Thursday's Water Festival that I'm volunteering for.  Tuesday is Pierian and Judge Leslie will be speaking - so excited to meet her.  Wednesday is my tour and orientation at the hospital then happy hour at friends.  Thursday is the Water Festival.  I'm pooped just typing all this.  Guarantees for the next blog to be full of info!!

Wishing you a wonderful week from the forest -

Love and Happy Monday,

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  1. The turkeys have been busy visiting us here also. The goats and dogs have to adjust every year to them visiting. I love to watch the Tom's strut their stuff!!!