Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catching up

Greetings from the Forest

This week has been busy.  Wait, what week isn't?  Anyway, I have lots of photos to share so let me get started.

They guys (Rick, Rich and Paul) worked on my deck rebuild this week.  They will be back next week to finish but I have to say I got so lucky with the color.  It matches the trim on the house perfectly.  Did I plan that?  Some would say yes, others would know the honest answer is no, I just got lucky again!

I decided to send the guys (and their wives) home with dinner on Friday the 12th.  I made baked ziti for the group and then some.  Reviews came in that it was good.  Whew.  Always worry when I try to make something different.

On the 11th I went to dinner with a friend (thank you Marilyn) and although she had no idea it was the anniversary of Mom's death (April 11, 2008), it was a pleasant way to end the day.  Seems like only yesterday and yet it was 5 years.  As I was driving home at dusk, I wondered to myself what Mom would think of this new environment I live in.  I reflected about Mom's love of trees and I figure she'd love it here.  Probably would worry about the bears as most of my family do, but all in all she'd love it.  And Dad, well he'd be very happy also.  With the lake so close and the wild life so abundant I can just picture him smiling.  So, with these thoughts in my head I was gifted with a plethora of joys on my way home that eve.  Elk, deer and turkey.  Thanks Mom!!

 No pictures of the turkeys as they scampered (is that what turkeys do?) up the hill.  Maybe next time.

We had another spring snow storm last week.  We got about 12+ inches.  It was a very wet snow so we were happy to have it as the forest is so dry due to the drought.  Not to mention all the animals get thirsty.  Here are a couple (ok more than a couple) of pictures:

Why yes Max loves the snow!

Wonder where his face has been.

Sometimes you just have to sit in the snow???
This is a bird bath!


When it snows there are these little birds that come out.  Funny little things.  I haven't noticed them when its not snowing but I'm sure they're out there.  I call them snow birds.  (Diane B. maybe you know what kind of birdies they are?)

Well of course you watch the birdies with your bone in your mouth

Right outside the door, teasing Max
They flit around and they drive Max crazy.  He begs to go out and chase them.  Of course they're long gone by the time he gets to where they were but Max is ever the optimist.

He will sit for hours waiting for me to let him out

The forecast calls for another storm Tuesday with, yup, more snow.  Spring will arrive eventually!  I hope you're not sick of the snow pictures.

Every day is different here in the forest.  Every day is a joy.  Every day a gift.

Love from the forest,

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  1. the snow looks so inviting... they are so white :) I love the pictures as well.. thanks for sharing...