Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall is Right Around the Corner

Greetings from the Forest

The feeling of fall is in the air.  Particularly in the mornings when the air is cooler and crisp.  Soon the oak brush will begin to change colors and the aspen trees leaves will turn a beautiful yellow and orange.  Along with the change of colors there is the mating seasons as well.  For deer it it is October through November and for elk it is September through November.  The crazy thing, in my mind, is that is when hunting season is.  Yikes.  If the deer and elk survive hunting season and do mate, the babies will be showing up in about 200-260 days.  Coming from the city, all this is still new to me but I find it fascinating learning about the animals.  Plus it helps to know to watch out for an amorous bull elk! lol.

One of the major landmarks in Trinidad is Fisher's Peak.  It is of volcanic origin.  Scientists date the formation of the mesa to a period of volcanic activity more than a million years ago.  The elevation rises to 9,626 feet. Fisher's Peak marked the beginning of the Raton Pass or the end depending on the direction being traveled, North or South.  It is said the peak is named after a Prussian Officer named Captain Waldemar Fischer who traveled through Colorado around 1846.  Today the peak and surrounding land is privately owned and access is limited.  The view, however, of the iconic peak is free to everyone and is captured by many local artists.

 Max and Ollie send their greetings.

And finally - cheers from the forest!

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