Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Snow

Greetings from a snowy forest

Our first snow arrived the end of last week and lasted until Monday of this week.  We got about 15" of snow but with the wind the drifts were some 18-24".  Did you know shoveling snow for 30 minutes I burned some 350+ calories.  My fabulous neighbor, Rick, plowed my driveway twice!  Not once, but twice.  Very nice of him and if he hadn't plowed I would not have been able to get out on Tuesday to get to the office.

I love the snow.  Yes its cold, yes its messy, yes the dogs get all wet and snowy but it is so beautiful and so peaceful.  Maybe someday in years to come I'll get tired of it but for now I look forward to the next time it snows!

Here are a bunch of pictures I wanted to share with you -

Max watching it snow
Rick plowing.  He is just the best!
Happy hour on the deck?  You get the chaise.

Heading to the office and hoping I can get down the driveway.  

Watching something?

Oliver is not the happiest.
When it grows up it can be a Christmas Tree

Trinidad Lake

Max loves the snow!
So I was gathering my thoughts as tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I wanted to share what I am thankful for-

I am thankful for my family, my friends (both old and new), for my good health, my home in the forest, my puppy dogs and for the laughter and love that is so plentiful in my life.

Love and Happy Thanksgiving!

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